Why Do Couples Need Sex Toys?

Why do couples need sex toys

Clearing misconceptions once and for all:

“Using sex toys do not mean your partner isn’t a good enough lover and it should not be feared that sex toy will replace a lover or overly reliant on toys for arousal and orgasm.”

Said from a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship and sex expert, these misconceptions about Couple Vibrator should be clarified as sex toys were found to positively impact relationships through multiple ways.

1. More exciting intimate time

Research has revealed that erectile function, orgasm function, sexual desire and sexual satisfaction of men who use vibrators in any sexual applications are higher than those who rarely or never used vibrators. Couple Vibrator

Women who have used sex toy were also noticed with significantly better sexual satisfaction. The results meant sex toys are not harmful to sex life but enhancing it with better performance on the bed for mutual enjoyment.

2. Enhancing relationship satisfaction

The benefits of sex toys towards an intimate relationship extend beyond the interaction on the bed but into real life. A study from Chapman University in 2016 has reported increased satisfaction with sex toy usage while being more open to sex including taking showers together and trying out new positions. Couple Vibrator

Enhancing relationship satisfaction

3. Open and honest are keys

Sex toys should not be thought as a resort from unsatisfied sex and should be communicated well among partners before use. And the discussion in the process could help in mutual communication and the acceptance of sex toys. Couple Vibrator

A thoughtful and meaningful acceptance to sex toys is greatly helpful in the satisfaction of using sex toy and the mating process in general.

4. Increased communication

Not just during sex but also in daily life, as 49% of couples who use vibrators said they communicate more often on issues of sex and daily life as compared to the 29% of couples who do not use sex toys. The openness brought by the use of sex toys is extendable to daily life to aid the bonding and communication among couples. Couple Vibrator

Offering directions is another major part of a relationship that couples who use sex toys are better and more efficient in giving orders and are more satisfied with each other both in sex and daily living. Couple Vibrator

Tell Me What You Want

5. It’s nothing to be ashamed of

Well, in spite of an anonymous study, 45% of couples do use sex toys to make their sex-life more exciting. New positions were reported to be helpful for a similar result, but toys were generally more effective. Couple Vibrator

The couples who use sex toys are also more likely to make sexual exploration and reported higher satisfaction to sex and their relationship.

6. The benefits start before buying

The purchasing of sex toy alone requires communication between partners. The debate in choosing is able to improve communication as 51% of couples that bought sex toy have increased the frequency of communication on sex, as compared to the 28% that do not own any sex toy.

Don’t think the positive effects of sex toys have to come with sex. And don’t think the benefits are only limited to sex. Sex toys are not here to fulfill unsatisfaction, but to enhance the excitement, for her and for him. Couple Vibrator

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