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Keep your tooshie in tip top condition and for all your sexual encounters with one of these douches from our collection. Whether you want something small and petite for travel purposes or the next best thing from a firehose, we have it. Not only can you use these to stay clean and prevent any embarrassing and unhygienic transfer, but they can also be used for pleasure or after care if you have had a bit of a rough session. A bit of old fashioned tepid salty water can help remedy any small abrasion down there.

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b-Vibe Anal Education Set 10pc Masster’s Degree Edition – Black

Explore the joys of anal play with the new b-Vibe Anal Training Kit & Education Set.


CalExotics Anal Douche

Keep yourself clean and fresh with the Anal Douche™ by CalExotics.

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CalExotics Colt Anal Douche

Stay clean and stimulated with the COLT Anal Douche™ easy-to-use cleaning system with dual attachments and EZ squeeze bulb.

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CalExotics Colt Bum Buddy Anal Douche

COLT Bum Buddy™ anal douche is a premium cleaning system that holds up to a whopping 15.5 fl oz! With COLT-sized capacity, the Bum Buddy™ will make sure that you are extra clean so that you have no disruptions in the fun.

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CalExotics Executive Rechargeable Auto Douche – Black & Clear

To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, you’ll want to prepare to ensure total cleanliness, safety and satisfaction.

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CalExotics Lube Tube – Purple

Reusable, refillable, and easy to clean, the Lube Tube is a lubricant dispensing tube set that lets you lubricate with pinpoint precision.


CalExotics One Way Valve Douche

The One-Way Valve Douche is here to make sure you enjoy good clean fun with every backdoor adventure. The powerful system includes a large EZ squeeze bulb and a slim applicator tip with a one-way valve.

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CalExotics Ultimate Cleansing System Anal Douche

Enhance your intimate play experience with the Ultimate Cleansing System.

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CalExotics Ultimate Douche – Blue

The CalExotics Ultimate Douche™ is exactly as described – the ultimate anal douche apparatus

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CleanScene 4pc Medical Grade Douche Set with Soft Nozzle – Black

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CleanScene 4pc Mini Travel Douche with One Way Valve – Red & White

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CleanScene 4pc Soft Squeeze Beaded Anal Douche Set with Flared Base – Black

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