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  • cuff on a lady

    Bondage Accessories that You Must Have

    Cuffs A basic staple in all bondage toolboxes.  Cuffs are fun and easy way to restrain your partner either to themselves, another person or an object (such as the bed). They are a quick, safe…

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  • SS10000 Bed Bondage Restraint Kit Life Style Shot

    Bedroom Bondage 101

    How can we use bondage to take sex play to the next level? If you would like a little more variety in your bedroom play, then try some of these examples we have for you.…

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  • Sexy Lady Holds a Vibrator

    The Vibes about Vibes

    Did you know the vibrator came about to treat ‘hysteria’ in women?  Well actually that’s not true but it is a good excuse to get on the buzz machine when you are a little frustrated.…

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  • Ovo K6 Rabbit Vibrator-11389

    How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

    A rabbit vibrator has become a staple in every woman’s ‘secret box’ of sex toys. It's easy to use, easy to clean and hits that spot just right. However, if you are new to the…

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  • Couple In Bed

    How cock rings can help you to have better sex?

    “We assure, you will make a difference - Use penis ring while having sex.” You probably have seen the cock rings on the sex toy shop or in xxx videos but have you ever tried…

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