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  • Sexy Lady Holds a Vibrator

    The Vibes about Vibes

    Did you know the vibrator came about to treat ‘hysteria’ in women?  Well actually that’s not true but it is a good excuse to get on the buzz machine when you are a little frustrated.…

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  • Ovo K6 Rabbit Vibrator-11389

    How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

    A rabbit vibrator has become a staple in every woman’s ‘secret box’ of sex toys. It's easy to use, easy to clean and hits that spot just right. However, if you are new to the…

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  • Couple In Bed

    How cock rings can help you to have better sex?

    “We assure, you will make a difference - Use penis ring while having sex.” You probably have seen the cock rings on the sex toy shop or in xxx videos but have you ever tried…

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  • We Vibe Vibrator

    5 Things to Buy from Online Adult Shops

    If you’re reading this blog, chances are it is your first time visiting an online adult shop. But worry not, this article will guide you through the best items that you can get from adult…

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  • couple in dark

    Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet Review

    When I was looking for some bullet vibrators to try out, I met a chick magnet. They seem to have some different options for a budget-friendly bullet look, so I thought why not give some…

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