Vibrating Panties: Rocking Your Body With Pleasure!

Let your imagination be your only limit when it comes to how to pleasure yourself. Vibrating panties are your ultimate go-to! If you’re looking for something new to rock your sex enthusiastic self, it’s time to buy yourself a pair.


What Are Vibrating Panties?


Well, the name sure does give away what it is…but not what it’s capable of. Vibrating panties aren’t your average sex toy. You can make one of these pairs part of your lingerie because they can be worn with your sexy underwear itself!


These wonderful panties come with a bullet vibrator or similar vibrating devices attached to their body via a pocket in the gusset. You can choose your speed, your vibrating patterns and even how long you want these babies to vibrate and tingle your senses!


Vibrating panties are an innovation! One…or more, pairs of these can add a wild magic to your love making sessions. But of course, let’s not jump the gun yet. Read on so that we can convince you how this can be the best addition to your sex toy collection!


Why Should I Get Myself A Vibrating Panty?


Depending on who wants to control the vibrations of your love panties, you or your partner, the play changes entirely. Yes, you sure would have to be a little kinky to start playing with a panty this naughty! Let’s see how to be a sexy devil with a vibrating panty…


  • Solo Play: If you’re into solo play, or masturbation with a sex toy, use the remote control yourself. Test out different settings to make sure you get the most out of your vibrating panty experience.


You can start slow, see how the sensation feels and then gradually move on to more advanced settings. It can be overwhelming for a newbie to feel something touch you the way these vibrations can!


  • With One Or More Partners: In case your partner gets to control this sex marvel, you are at their mercy! They can make the vibrator inside the panty go as slow or as fast as they want using the remote that controls this sex toy.


A really groovy setting can bring you to your knees faster than you can catch your breath. And a slow, tantalizing vibrating setting can tease you and delay your climax only to give you the best experience ever!


  • Mix And Match: Why stop at playing solo or with a partner? You can match up your kinks together. This way you will come up with your own fun way to explore and use your vibrating panty!


How about instead of playing with one panty and one person who gets to enjoy it, everyone involved gets their own pair! It’s up to you to go wild or go slow! Isn’t this so much fun?


You should definitely consider getting your own pair also because it’s stylish and sensual. A vibrating panty is a perfect blend of sexy, sensual and fun!


Fun Ways To Play With A Panty!


Well, the above section already mentions some great ways to engage with a vibrating panty. But let’s bounce some other ideas as well. The best part, hands down, is the fact that this sex accessory gives you a hands free experience.


So, a great advantage of including one of these pulsating panties in your sex bed is that they’ll enhance your foreplay. Therefore, use them to add that extra oomph when you begin your sexual encounters.


Imagine this, you’re all hot and bothered with each other – you and your partner – and while your hands are busy exploring each other’s bodies…these panties are doing some phenomenal work down there.


Also, with one of these pairs, you’ll never go unsatisfied. You and your partner reaching climax together is a dream come true. But if one of you has already seen the stars, count on these panties to take you there next.


To Conclude


All in all, it’s a great idea to add a vibrating panty to your bedside drawer items. You can keep them in your lingerie drawer as discreetly as if they were nothing but another beautiful thing. Only you would know the magnificent thrills of wearing one of these! Go on, start exploring here!


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