Sportsheets International, Inc. has been Keeping Couples Connected® since 1993.

The company’s ever-growing line of fantasy products have spiced up the sex lives of countless men, women and couples around the world. Known for quality, creativity and competitive pricing, Sportsheets has become a trusted friend and confidant to a growing community of sexually curious adults from every walk of life.

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Sincerely by Sportsheets Bling Flogger

Beauty and the beast!

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Sincerely by Sportsheets Fur Nipple Clips – Purple

Discover a new side to your love life and prepare to delight with the Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips today!


Sincerely by Sportsheets Lace Paddle

Wrap your partner around your little finger.

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Sincerely Kegel Exercise System – 3 pack

Great for Exercising Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor Exercises


Sportsheets 5-Piece Hog Tie & Cuff Set

Four durable yet comfortable Sportsheets cuffs allow for a myriad of positions only limited by your dirty mind.


Sportsheets Anal Explorer Kit Strap On

This kit is specially designed for those interested in exploring anal play and pegging. Start slow, try different positions, communicate and enjoy! Use plenty of Lube.


Sportsheets Bare As You Dare Strap On

No matter your sexual preference, if you enjoy Strap-On’s, then the Bare As You Dare is perfect.


Sportsheets Bondage Bar

Bondage Bar set includes 4 comfortable neoprene and Velcro cuffs. Cuffs are attached to a rigid, nylon covered spreader bar. Perfect for multiple positions, easy to secure, easy to remove.


Sportsheets Clandestine Devices Mimic Rechargeable Massager

Indulge in the ultimate sensual massage with this luxurious massager, perfectly shaped to fit the contour of your hand and intimate areas.


Sportsheets Edge Hard Limits Crop

Cruelty-Free is Just How This Crop is Made

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Sportsheets Edge Leather 4 Point Hog Tie

Can be used with Edge Wrist, Ankle Cuffs and other attachments.


Sportsheets Edge Leather Hand Grip Wrist Cuffs

Tell your lover to hold on tight as you take them on the ride of their life! That naughty sub is sure to stay securely restrained even in the hottest, most intense of situations.


Sportsheets Edge Leather Seamless O-Ring Gag

Cowhide leather with comfort lining Nickel free metal hardware Interchangeable 1.5” O-Ring can be replaced with other O-Rings Lockable buckle closure with 24” leather strap


Sportsheets Edge Twisted Whip

Wrought from luxurious cowhide, this deluxe whip intensifies your bedroom sessions with every twist and turn of its considerable shaft.

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Sportsheets Everlaster-Wishbone Strap-On Harness

Don’t let anything stop you from experiencing the power of penetration!


Sportsheets Latigo Leather Strap-On

This Latigo leather strap-on harness grips your hips with a smooth and functional fit that can be adjusted to up to 60 inches.

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Sportsheets Leather Leash & Collar

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Sportsheets Manbound Breathable Ball Gag

Shut up! Strong, sturdy and yet very comfortable. The red stitched fabric strap adjusts with a buckle while the breathable ball is a great size for beginners.


Sportsheets Manbound Metal Cuffs

Fully locking cuffs with metal keys included.


Sportsheets Manbound Under the Bed Restraint System

Includes 4 cuffs, 4 restraint straps and one connector strap.