We believe in sexual democracy – which is like regular democracy but more fun. Our ever-expanding product lines are cultivated to encourage conversation, eradicate bedroom boredom and perhaps push a few boundaries. Everything we do is driven by our ambition to produce pleasurable and responsibly sourced sex accessories for every body and every body type. We are more than just a condom company and you are more than your orientation.

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Command by Sir Richard’s Bicep Binder

COMMAND. Made to Play Hard.

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Command by Sir Richard’s Cuff & Collar Set

COMMAND. Made to Play Hard.


Command by Sir Richard’s Suspension Cuff Set

COMMAND. Made to Play Hard.


Control by Sir Richard’s Vibrating Silicone Cock & Ball Vibrating Cock Ring

Control has serious benefits



Slick Dick’s Guy Grease 15g – Vigor

A little goes a long way with this solid pheromone cologne.

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