Troubleshooting Guide

Before writing your toy off as broken, there are a few things we would like you to check….

  • You have inserted the correct batteries, please check your packaging to see which batteries are required
  • Your batteries have been inserted with the correct polarity, your toy should have markings to indicate which way they go
  • Try new batteries, some lose their charge just lying around
  • If your toy comes with batteries supplied, they may be old and need replacing, who knows how long some toys have been manufactured, transited and sat around in warehouses for
  • Do not remove the plastic insert that comes inside your battery compartment. Your batteries can overheat and destroy your toy. The batteries should be inserted with that plastic still inside. It also shows you the correct direction to insert your batteries
  • Some toys come with the small watch size batteries, if they are wrapped in bundles, please check if they are to be left wrapped before insertion or unwrapped
  • Please check you have screwed/pushed on the cap of the battery compartment tightly as some toys will not work if they are not on properly
  • If your toy is rechargeable, it needs to be completely charged the first time before use, both for the life of your battery and to make sure it is ready to go when you are. Some toys may have lost all charge when in storage, others may still have a bit of life in them
  • Rechargeable toys often come with a travel lock which will prevent you from starting your toy; please refer to the manufacturers instructions to learn how to turn the travel lock function on & off.
  • Ensure when charging that the correct light indications are working, if they aren’t, perhaps there is a connection problem such as the cable not correctly or entirely inserted. Possibly, there may be a power issue from your outlet so check it with another appliance.
  • Make sure you have not done anything to void your warranty
  • Call us if you are unsure about anything or to troubleshoot your toy. Please note that if you do call, we will need to know the name and brand of your toy to help you