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Sexy Lady Holds a Vibrator

Did you know the vibrator came about to treat ‘hysteria’ in women?  Well actually that’s not true but it is a good excuse to get on the buzz machine when you are a little frustrated. Let’s face it, it is good stress relief, gets the endorphins going and well, it’s just …fun!

Some do it, some don’t do it and some just claim not to but it is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s natural and if you don’t know how to pleasure yourself, how can you direct someone else to do it?

Let’s break down the different types of vibrators…

Well, we are all different with varying ways that we can get ‘get our rocks off’. Some women are sensitive, some need an earthmover to get some stimulation, some only get off with the clitoris and others are greedy and want all their buttons pushed at once and there is a vibrator out there to cater to all types so take your time to consider what is right for you.  The next big ‘buzz’ toy (pardon the pun) may not be the best for you and don’t always listen to your friends, what is right for them may not be for you either. Take your time and think about what you like and where you like it.

For the greedy girls, you want something that hits the g-spot, clitoris and maybe even the anus all at once (if you are that hungry)! The clitoral stimulation that comes with this style of vibrator usually has what is commonly known as a ‘rabbit’.  Now a ‘rabbit’ may actually be a dolphin or a bird or just some round nubby end that doesn’t resemble anything but the differing tips do represent whether it is soft or hard on the clit. If you like more of a flicky, soft tease or a hard pressure bearing down on your womanhood, then choose what suits.

rabbit vibrator

The Air Pulse stimulators seem to have become a huge trend for those who like all the action on the clit.  They are focused on your pleasure bean and can drive a girl from 1 – 100 super-fast. If they are too intense, you can’t go past the trusty ole bullet.  From 1 speed, 3 speed to multifunction, you can get something that caters to your sensitivity.

The G-spot girls have an array of vibes to cater to their needs which usually have a bulbous tip to hit that elusive spot.  You can tilt these vibes up and down instead of pulling them in and out to achieve orgasm in a more targeted way. There is also more variety these days in whether you like something that thrusts itself or creates a ‘come hither’ motion to do the work for you because you don’t need to get tendonitis to have a good time! The g-spot vibes are also a great tool for the squirters out there.

Partner play has become huge of late with all these interactive toys that hook up with each other, even when you are on opposite sides of the world. All high tech and app enabled with remote controls and charging docks, VR and QR codes, you name it, they have thought of everything these days! When you want some flesh on flesh though, we still have couple’s vibes such as the we-vibe and couple’s rabbits to add some oomph to the sex.  You can also get a bit frisky first with a romantic dinner date and a remote-control egg or vibrating panties, if you get what I mean!

Massagers are also a great partner play tool or for some hardcore solo play or you can just use it for a massager after you have had a mad session.

So, what are some other things that you might want to consider in your choice of toy?

I think mostly, you need some attraction, if you don’t like the look of it, well let’s face it, you probably don’t want to go to second base with it! Choose some eye candy, even though you technically won’t be looking at it, weird I know?? Make sure you like to run your hands all over it, you like to touch it, you like how it makes you feel.

Power, it is in you hands so choose one that suits.  Don’t go buying the biggest whizz bang contraption with the works when you can’t handle it, maybe a little lady finger is all you need, a petite little multispeed thing that just adds that something extra.

Functions, well some of like to be teased and made stay on edge while others of us like to dance a little with a grande finale and some just want it to go hard or go home.  Take the 100-function vibe for edging or just the 3 speed get off machine to get the job done.

Battery, rechargeable or mains powered? Could come down to budget, convenience or preference. Some people go through vibrators like my sister eats shoes so replacing the more upmarket ones could be an expensive habit.  Basically though, a good rule of thumb is that batteries run out slowly and your toy loses power before it eventually dies (usually right on the gravy stroke) and needs new ones, rechargeables seem to give up the ghost out of nowhere if you don’t religiously charge them and mains powered have you covered unless the power goes out.  Rechargeables are good travel companions. Things to be aware of are to take your batteries out of your toys so they don’t corrode inside and destroy your toy and don’t leave your rechargeables on charge forever.

Water Proof Vibrators

Waterproof? That term gets thrown around a little loosely in this industry unfortunately so I wouldn’t go submerging your toy in the bathtub unless it is specified as submergible. Most toys these days are waterproof enough to get a bit reckless when washing them and maybe some use in the shower but beware of that term ‘waterproof’.

Feel the love, is it soft and velvety like silicone or more plasticky?  Most toys available on the market these days are phthalate free and body safe.  They are usually made from silicone, TPR or TPE or blends of these and PVC.  ABS plastic is mostly used for, but not limited to, the hard components of a vibrator like the control end, hard inner core or remotes, etc. TPR and TPE are shortened from Thermoplastic Rubber or Elastane and usually have a skin like feel and used in the more ‘realistic’ feel vibes.  Silicone comes in different grades including food and medical grades so are very safe for body use.  The downside of silicone toys is that they aren’t compatible with silicone lubricant so be aware you will need a good quality water-based lube to use with these.  Silicone can have more of a firm feel to TPE/TPR but is a far more superior product.

So just when you think you are adulting and are done with homework, put some research into your next purchase, your vajayjay will thank you for it.

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