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CalExotics Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint

Strap in and open yourself up to sensationally enhanced pleasure with Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint fetish sex toys.


CalExotics Scandal BDSM 30 Metre Rope – Black

Give into to your wild side and get creative with CalExotics Scandal Rope.

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CalExotics Scandal Bed Restraint Kit

Lay back and prepare yourself for a naughty night with the complete and incredibly kinky Scandal Bed Restraint Kit.

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CalExotics Scandal Beginners Fetish Bondage Kit

Whether you’re a bashful beginners or an erotic bondage sex toy expert, Scandal Beginner’s Fetish Kit is your ticket to a wonderland of intense sexy bondage.

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CalExotics Scandal Blackout Eye Mask


CalExotics Scandal Bondage Bar

Bend over and get ready for ecstasy with the Scandal Bondage Bar.


CalExotics Scandal Breathable Ball Gag with Cuffs

Push boundaries and explore your scandalous side with the Scandal Breathable Ball Gag with Cuffs.


CalExotics Scandal Corset Cuffs

Lace yourself up for a seriously sultry night with this naughty Scandal Corset Cuffs.


CalExotics Scandal Corset Lace Hood

Give yourself over to secret fantasies and ravishing role play with the Scandal® Corset Lace Hood.


CalExotics Scandal Hog Tie

Surrender to your deepest desires and trust your lover to explore every inch of your body with the Scandal Hog Tie.


CalExotics Scandal Open Mouth Gag with Nipple Clamps

Strap the sexy Scandal Open Mouth Gag with Clamps across your lips and revel in the plushy, double-padded feel of the straps against your cheeks.


CalExotics Scandal Over The Bed Cross

Strap your lover firmly to the bed and carry out their deepest desires with the Scandal Over the Bed Cross.


CalExotics Scandal Pleasure Wheel


CalExotics Scandal Pony Play Bondage Kit

Scandal Pony Play Kit is the ideal bondage sex toy kit for any couple looking to indulge adventurous fetish sex.


CalExotics Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs

Surrender yourself to your lover and dress up this luxurious red and black brocade lace-up posture collar.


CalExotics Scandal Round Double Paddle

For the nights you’re feeling extra naughty, indulge in the indulgent taps of the Scandal® Round Double Paddle.

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CalExotics Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag

Scandal Silicone Stopper Gag is the ideal gag for any couple looking to push the boundaries of pleasure and explore their scandalous side in a sex and bondage role playing scene.


CalExotics Scandal Split Tip Crop

CalExotics Scandal Split Tip Crop is the ideal pleasure toy for those nights you’re feeling extra naughty and want to indulge in some sexy bondage play.

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CalExotics Scandal Submissive Bondage Kit

Sometimes all you crave is to lay back and let your partner take control of your every sensation


CalExotics Scandal Wide Tip Crop

CalExotics Scandal Wide Tip Crop is the ideal bondage sex toy for those nights your sub needs a good spanking.

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