Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet Review

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When I was looking for some bullet vibrators to try out, I met a chick magnet. They seem to have some different options for a budget-friendly bullet look, so I thought why not give some a try.

The packaging

The packaging of the point bullet is quite nice. It comes in a hard box with a clear part where the toy is. The box has a magnetic flap that wraps around in order to close everything up.

Inside of the box, there is the toy with a charging station, charging cable, and a mains adapter.

It also comes with a nice white satin pouch to store the vibrator in.

I find the instruction manual to be quite minimalist in the amount of info provided.

The toy

The toy itself is pretty nice. It’s made of ABS plastic, which has silicon feel to it. There are 5 colour options: pink, baby blue, purple, black and silver. The vibrator has a pretty standard shape and size with a pointy tip. The base features a control button and two small metallic pins for charging, which is similar to the base of the We-Vibe Tango.

The charging base is a pretty cool feature, but sadly, it doesn’t work that well. In order for it to charge, you have to align the bullet perfectly on the base by twisting it until the light changes colour. It also feels kind of flimsy because of that.

The bullet itself feels sturdy and of great quality, however, we can kind of see through the plastic what’s inside of it, which is the only thing taking away of that high-quality feeling.

If you are into using a strong bullet vibrator inserted in your dildos, note that the Point fits more snugly, but that it does fit into them.

Sensuelle Point-0


  • Fully USB Rechargeable
  • Submersible
  • Storage Pouch
  • Instruction Manual
  • Phthalate Free
  • 1 Year Warranty

In use

I absolutely love this bullet! It is very rumbly and powerful! I wasn’t expecting it to be as good. There are 3 constant speeds and 17 patterns, which is absolutely great for patterns lover. I am not one of them, and normally I would have complained saying that I would prefer more constant speeds, but the 3 speeds of this toy are more than enough for me!

To change the settings, you have to press the single button at the base of the toy. This button is easy to press and it works perfectly, you never have to press it twice for it to work. Also, the settings are in a pretty logical order. When you turn off the vibrator, it always starts on the first constant speed, which I appreciate because you do not have to scroll through all of the 20 functions to make sure that you are on the lowest one.

The tip of the bullet allows for very pinpoint stimulation, while its body allows for the type of stimulation that I enjoy, being something not too pin pint nor too broad. This type of shape isn’t new though; it’s the classic bullet vibrator shape. Surely, if you’re into broader stimulation, bullet vibrators might not be for you in general. However, the Nu Sensuelle Point bullet is larger than the Tango and some other small bullet vibrators, which might be enough of a surface for some people.

Because of its awesome vibrations, the toy has quickly become a favourite of mine. I’ve been testing a lot of bullet vibrators lately, and they are not all that good, and I came to realize that every time I was annoyed by a bullet I would switch and reach for the Point instead! I still reach for it a lot, even now that I do not have to test it anymore. It’s now found a new place in my nightstand, where only the best of vibrators ends up. It may not be exactly as rumbly as the We-Vibe Tango, but it surely deserves a place next to it in that nightstand drawer.

Before writing this review, I would have said that I do not find any downside to this toy. However, right before I got down to writing it, the toy went out of charge. Note that this is not the problem itself, because the vibrator offered me way longer the total 60 minutes of play promised, but it sure caused me some confusion.

When I noticed that the toy had gone out of charge, I put it on its charger and left it there until the light went all green. The instruction manual states that the light on the base is red when the toy is charging, and green when it’s fully charged. In reality, it isn’t like that though. I figured that the light is flashing when the toy is charging, and when it turned to be green, I thought that the toy was fully charged.

I then came to use the toy again for a final test run, and the battery was still dead. I looked back in the instruction manual and noticed that it says not to wet the base of the toy, although the box says that the toy is fully waterproof. From my experience, the toy does look waterproof, and I think that maybe they state that just to be safe, but I thought for a second that I may have ruined my toy because I’ve submerged it completely every time, I washed it. I gave it a last try and put it back on its charging base for a full night, and the next day, the toy was finally working again!

I figured out that although the light is turning green quickly, you have to leave the toy charging for the whole 4 hours for it to be charged. I like the idea of the charging base, and it would be convenient if it worked well, but I find that it is not the easiest to use, in addition to feeling a bit cheap. If it wasn’t for the charging method though, I would have nothing negative to say about this vibrator.


Nu Sensuelle is committed to the creation and distribution of the finest products made from the most innovative technologies and material, creatively and stylishly packaged for the adult toy industry. The Nu Sensuelle Design Team travels extensively around the world for research and inspiration to create new, innovative and fun products, so there is a constant flow of items to showcase.

Nu Sensuelle ever-expanding range of products will include rings, remotes, eggs, bullets, vibrators, rabbit vibrators… and whatever the mind can create to fulfil what the body desires. Nu Sensuelle will endeavour to offer the best service, innovative and quality products at competitive prices so that everyone can experience our toys.

Where to get it

You can buy directly from Sexy Devil. Our products ship Australia-wide in discreet, plain packaging. Our parcels are so subtle you can get them delivered to work, and no one will know!

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