Brand Breakdown: Some of Our Favourite Lube & Sex Toy Brands

Using Toys Out Of The Box

In each and every part of our lives, brand loyalty has become a practical inevitability, and that makes total sense. There are thousands of choices out there for any given product or service, and unless you’re taking a little walk on the wild side and actively trying something new, we tend to have our favourites that we come back to again and again. Because of that, it’s easy to miss out on some fantastic products and sex toy brands simply because they don’t show up in the places we’re looking. So, we had the thought of looking on your behalf and creating a list of just some of the brands we absolutely love here at Sexy Devil.

So, let’s dust off that spotlight and put on a show as we look at some of our absolute favourite sex toy brands!


Empire Labs

Whilst you may not immediately know them by name, if you’ve spent any time looking at sex toys online, then you certainly know their flagship product. You see, Empire Labs has carved out a very particular niche for themselves, and that comes in the form of their Clone-A-Willy kits. As the name so descriptively suggests, the Clone-A-Willy system allows you to, well, create a copy of someone’s willy as a sex toy. Whether it’s for a partner or for yourself, for a unique intimacy or a fun gift, the Clone-A-Willy is an incredibly fun, unique product that we simply love.



Moving away from the depths of dick duplication (I’m sorry, I had to go for the alliteration), Eros is quite a different company with a very fun set of products. Rather than focusing on the production of sex toys, Eros’ presence is more associated with their various gels and lubricants made to enhance or extend the sexual experience. From their delay gels to anal lubricants, cooling stimulation, and more, Eros’ range is the perfect choice for those that want to contour their sexual experience and feel things a little differently. Definitely a must-try if you’re thinking of dipping your toe into sensation play and want something else to add to your collection.

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Sometimes, a brand that isn’t known for its sex toy offerings will decide to take the plunge and create something wonderful, and that is certainly the case for Frederick’s of Hollywood. That’s not to say they were too far from their origins when they started developing sex toys; as for those who don’t know, Frederick’s of Hollywood is primarily known as one of America’s most beloved lingerie brands.

Even as such a small part of their offering, Frederick’s of Hollywood has created a truly lovely selection of vibrators and “personal massagers” to ignite the senses and really let you get the most out of that new lingerie. So, if you’re on the market for a new handheld and want to try something new, Frederick’s of Hollywood may be just the perfect choice.


Bonus Points: JoyDivision

This is one particular brand whose name fills me with so much joy and intrigue that I had to talk about it in this list. For those who aren’t avid music snobs who get excited talking about bands they like at even the most inopportune times, Joy Division was a hugely influential post-punk band in the 70s. Their most iconic work being called “Unknown Pleasures” does make me really curious as to whether that pun is the intention behind this particular brand’s name, and that curiosity is something I will take to my grave.

Nevertheless, JoyDivision does have an excellent selection of products. Most of their products are based around prostate stimulation and massage, and we’re thrilled to see a brand with such a fantastic selection of toys for prostate-havers of all shapes and sizes.



We’re hoping to release blogs like this more frequently in the future because there’s so much more ground to cover and so many more fantastic brands to explore. So, look out for new articles on the Sexy Devil Blog and find your next sex toy obsession.

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