Best Sex Positions For Beginners

Best Sex Positions for Beginners

Sex, like most other things in life, can be improved with practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. But what if you’re a beginner? It’s not as much fun to have sex when you don’t know how to do anything! And that’s where this blog post comes in. This blog post will discuss five best sex positions for beginners.

The Missionary Sex Position

The missionary position is the most popular and basic sex position for most people. This position usually consists of one partner laying down on their back, whilst the other lay on top between the partner’s legs laying down, leaving both parties face to face. This position is quite natural and doesn’t cause anyone to feel unnatural during sex. The missionary position can easily be entered from a kissing position, where one partner sits before laying down on their back. This position can come with a few variations, like when the partner laying down lifts their legs. This usually creates a better angle for deeper penetration.

The Spooning Sex Position

This sex position is a very comfortable position where a couple can easily transition into penetration from a laying cuddling position. In the spooning position, one partner will lay with their back against the other person, laying behind them. Penetration in this position requires that the person at the back line up their angle correctly, as it could be tricky when both people lay on their sides. Since penetration takes place from the person behind, this position offers flexibility to incorporate hands or fingers to stimulate the clitoris just below the pubic bone. Using a clitoral stimulator in this position could be an exciting change up too. This position is also manageable when using a strap on sex toy. This position can also offer deep penetration if the partner laying in front lifts their leg, providing more room as the partner enters.

The Doggy Style Sex Position

The doggy style position offers an exciting alternative and is quite easy to try. Essentially, this position requires one partner to face forward on their hands and knees as the other enters from behind. This position allows the person working from behind to generate thrust, allowing spot stimulation. This position, unfortunately, doesn’t allow for eye contact but is an excellent position for changing things up during sex. You don’t have to try only one position at a time when having sex. The doggy style position can work well with the partner in the front assuming position at the edge of the bed, while the person at the back is standing next to the bed. This allows for more range of motion and can be done with a penis or strap ons too. 

The Cowgirl Sex Position

The cowgirl position is a very popular beginner sex position. This requires a partner to lay flat on the bed or sit on the bed whilst the other person is sitting on their erect penis or strap on. Once penetration has occurred, the partner on top rides the partner below with riding or grinding motion back and forth. This position provides high levels of clitoral stimulation. You could try variations like the reverse cowgirl, where the person sitting on top faces away from the partner laying down following the same motion as before. The reverse cowgirl allows for the inclusion of sex toys as well, like anal beads or dildos for double penetration in you’re feeling frisky. You can pick these up at an online adult shop in their sex toys catagory. 

The 69er Sex Position

The 69 position is a trendy position where both partners perform oral sex simultaneously. It was named the 69er position because of how a 6 and 9 resembles two people laying with their heads at separate ends. This position is an exciting position that can be used as foreplay before trying other sex positions later on. The 69 position can be used with both partners laying on their sides or one partner laying on their back with the other on top. If you’re not into oral sex, this position is definitively not for you, but using other couples sex games might just tickle your fancy. 

In conclusion, having sex is an extremely exhilarating experience and trying new positions can be a scary prospect. However, if you’re open and honest with your sexual partner about your preferences and fantasies, you might be surprised at how much fun you can have while being intimate. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to get them all right from the word go, instead take time to figure out what is comfortable and fun at the same time. Using sex toys is an excellent way of adding some spice and performance to your overall sex game, so keep an open mind and enjoy yourself. 

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