Things Not To Do When Visiting Sex Shop For The First Time

An adult shop can be a great way to check out an adult product before purchasing and become very familiar with it. But going to one for the first time can also be intimidating. The entire premise behind this type of shopping is that you’ll go into a place of business and explain to a stranger who works there what would give you the best orgasm — definitely not a situation you encounter anywhere else in life.

There are easy things you can do to guarantee a straightforward, educational, and not-daunting experience. As one of the most popular online adult shops, here’s a list of few easy tips for you from SexyDevil to avoid looking like a deer in headlights.


Seriously, ask questions

Individuals who work at sex boutiques are walking experts. They are the front line of adult sex toys, and because of this, they know what works and what doesn’t. Customers will tell them when a dildo has rough, sharp edges or whether a waterproof guaranteed vibrator is just a guaranteed piece of junk. Don’t be afraid to ask about a product – this is not only how they make their money, but it’s also something they know 100x more about than the general salesperson. Also, feel free to share your own experience – did a “warming lube” burn too much for your preference? They need to know that to help future customers!

Ask for samples you want to try out

There are all kinds of lube. Water-based, organic, oil-based, the kind that warms up, the kind that tingles, the kind that has a “cooling” effect. If it feels like there are hundreds of options, it’s because there are! Feel free to ask if there are free samples or see if they have small-dose samples at the counter. And if there is a product you want to see out of the box, there’s probably a model available. When in doubt, just ask.


Find the Right Kind of Shop

You should look for a store that’s “education-centric,” a model becoming common around the country and a far cry from the seedy porn shops of yore. “An education-centric shop isn’t focused just on moving product but on making sure that we’re able to help you find the right thing and know how to use it properly,” they say. To find sex-positive shops (learn why should you support them) in your area, do a little research: Read unbiased sex blogs, for example, or even just look at a store’s website to make sure diverse body types and preferences are represented.

Try Not to Make Everything a Joke

Another way to tell that you’re an adult-shop first-timer? “There are times when folks come in, and everything becomes a joke quickly,” says expert, “That’s a really common defense mechanism because as a society we really don’t have the tools to talk about sex in a healthy or desexualized way with strangers.” If you feel the need to make a joke, that’s fine, but remember that these employees have seen it all. And make sure you don’t yuck anyone’s yum by making a joke about a product another customer might be in there looking for: just because you feel awkward doesn’t mean you should make someone else feel that way, too.

And if there aren’t adult shops in your area, don’t fear: sexy devil is an online adult shop with thousands of products. Did I mention about same day discreet shipping yet?

If you have any questions, you can always ask us. Our lovely customer service is ready to offer advice on the best sex toy for you and ship your purchase the same day.

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