4 Tips To Buy Sex Toys Online

4 Tips To Buy Sex Toys Online

The sex toys scene is booming. However, the more options available on the market, the harder it is to choose between the options. After all, sex toys are more intimate than all other products that you typically buy. And they deserve much more attention.

Rounding up our experiences, here’s the top 4 tips for buying sex toys online.

  1. Choose products that suits your body

As mentioned, sex toys are very intimate to us. Therefore, it requires special care and consideration before making the purchase.

The material of sex toys is one of the major factors in so. Though most high-end sex toys use silicon as the main material, not everyone favors it. Silicon is often targeted as “safe for body” and felt classy upon touching. However, some dislike silicon because of its inelasticity. They referred it as a “less suitable fit”, notably for masturbators and penetrative vibrators (learn how to choose the right vibrators here).

On the notion of fit, sex toys are not “one-size-fits-all”. The uniqueness of our bodies extends to our sexual organs. So, the feeling of different sex toys to different people is “different”. Even products with great reviews may not suit you in the end. We highly suggest trying out products and materials to find the one that best suits your unique body.

masturbators or penetrative vibrators ?
masturbators or penetrative vibrators


  1. Do not go too far at first

Buying the most expensive sex toy will not ensure that you like it. And you might have different perception to sex toys. It is totally normal if you prefer non-penetrative options.

When women sex toys first come to mind, most will think of dildos. But there are a wide range of less discreet sex toys on the market. Bullet vibrators, for example, are super unobvious as a popular option for vibrators. You can even bring it on a trip, no problem.

Everyone has a limit to their acceptance to sex toys. Do not force yourself into anything. Take it easy on every step. Slowly, you will start to appreciate sex toys and look for more options.

  1. Talk before you buy

If you are buying sex toys for a couple sex, it is best to chat with your partner first before using one. Suddenly pulling out a sex toy at any time of the intimate process is never a great idea. You might consider it as a surprise, or a less embarrassing way to use a sex toy. But sex toys often bring a sense of dissatisfaction to your partner.

Communication is key to the process. Speak to your partner before buying sex toys. Give them confidence on themselves. It is not that they cannot satisfy you on sex. You are just looking to bring more excitement to the relationship. And it should be a mutual enjoyment.

check reviews before buying sex toys
check reviews before buying sex toys


  1. Buy from reputable retailers

The portals to buy sex toys online are increasing day by day. With such a range of sellers, the quality from them varies. There are great sellers like We-Vibe and Lelo. But there are also sub-par sellers. Escaping from Chinese-made products are almost impossible nowadays. But you can always choose from those who are licensed and certified with authorities.

Being an Australian adult shop, SexyDevil believes sex toys should not be unaffordable. Therefore, we offer price match for identical items. We also offer same day shipping for orders placed before 2pm every working day. No one wants to wait for new toys.

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