Do you really need sex toys?

It feels absolutely weird to write a blog for adult shop questioning the need for sex toys. But the misconception to sex toys is hugely impactful that we believe it should be clarified with an honest article.

Sex toys are not a mend to breaking relationships

Because of the nature of sex toys in enhancing sex, many expect the use of them in arousing the partner in sex and the associated aspect of love. Vibrators, massagers, lingerie, you name it. Both genders visit our shop to purchase sex toys in hope to rescue a dying relationship.
Sex might be a starter to a relationship. But it is never a lifeguard to such. A prolonged healthy sex relationship builds on a stable and respectable human connection. The continuous passion to have an intimate process with a single partner requires more than external aids but the mutual attachment to each other.
If you are trying to mend a relationship, try not to consider sex toys as a solution at first. The respect, regular communication and compassion between the both of you are more crucial to the overall relationship than some silicon can do. (If you are really trying to begin the process with sex, couple sex games could be an option in encouraging communication during the process. But your mileage may vary.)

communication is the cure.

Sex toys does not mean dissatisfied sex

Another common fear to sex toys is the associated negative perception to confidence. The introduction of sex toy by one party is often rendered as a “dissatisfactory experience in sex” by the other party. This concept is likely to make a crack in a relationship if both parties do not communicate well before adopting sex toys in the routine.
Communication and mutual agreement cannot be stressed more before using sex toys. Not only does it minimize any chance of misunderstanding, it also helps with the acceptance of sex toys.
In fact, sex toys can enhance the enjoyment of sex if well-communicated. Cases like menstrual period, pregnancy or vaginal dryness often worry the female side for not offering satisfaction in sex. The use of gentlemen sex toys like masturbators come in handy as the intimacy is still felt while the urge can be resolved.
Couple sex toys like position aids are also very helpful to sexual satisfaction, especially when new positions are the most chosen option when looking for new sexual excitement. However, this still base on a mutual agreement at first.

Love is patient.

Sex toys can be helpful to sex

Sex toys, sometimes, are considered to be an aid for dysfunction that discredit the confidence of the participants. But sex toys, for some, are more than just a sexual enhancement tool. They are essential tools for sex.
Lubricants, for example, are some of those helpful aids that is being classified into sex toys. Yet, lubricants are hugely helpful to having sex, and not only to anal sex particularly.
Vaginal dryness is affecting 17% of women aged 18-50. While stress being one of the culprits, there are other factors, including genetic, that led to a lack of fluid excretion. Curable or not, lubricants serve to enable the penetration process during the difficult times and have been a great aid.

The use of “toys” in describing products in an adult shop is somewhat inaccurate in reflecting their abilities and positive effects to someone’s life. And sex “toys” should not be considered as a mend to a relationship unless it is performing such positive effects. Always look for other aspects of a relationship in maintaining a healthy intimate connection.

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