Top 3 Best Sex Toy Options For Men

In the culture of women empowerment, many of the high-end sex toys are focused to bring more pleasure for females. However, it does not mean men are left out in the equation. Sex toys for men are getting fancier over time. From all the products for him at SexyDevil, here’s the top three recommendation for the editors.

1. Masturbators

The word “masturbators” is never strange in the men sex toy category. While all of them come in an enclosed cup shape to simulate the sensation of a vagina, masturbators have gained some advancements in various aspects.

One of those are the change in internal shapes. Other than just offering a tight hole, the improvement in manufacturing process allowed more detailed texture to be made to the internal wall of masturbators. If you are updated to the masturbator space, you will find these sex toy for men are able to replicate the feeling of vagina to a better extend.

For instance, masturbators can now be moulded from the actual vagina of famous porn stars to honestly replicate the feeling of their sexual organs (despite mostly no one can prove). However, the sensation has been almost identical to an actual women part.

The internal shape can also offer other unique feelings including ass and oral.

Motorised options are now on offer in masturbators as well. While being women exclusive previously, vibrations are more frequently introduced to masturbators to extend the excitement when using a masturbator. Some motorised options will even apply suction or twerk to further extend the pleasure level in using a masturbator. For a more simplified yet human-like feeling, some masturbators also feature warmth without the need to soaking in warm water before use.

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how to choose a masturbator

2. Cock rings

While masturbators are more a self-pleasure thing, cock rings can be used for both self-relief and couple fun. The general implication of cock ring is to retain blood within the penis to maintain its hardness and increase sensitivity.

Other than simple cock rings to be wore at the base of the gentleman’s part, these rings are also introduced with vibration features to further enhance the sexual enjoyment. During couple sex, the vibration from the cock ring is more than exciting the penetrating side. In deeper physical contact, the vibration of the ring can also stimulate the partner to reach maximum pleasure together.

Some other cock rings can offer double penetration with an additional object below the cock ring to stimulate the ass of partner at the same time as the stroke from the penetrating side. These couple sex toys can double the enjoyment and double the fun in a great night. (Check out why couples need sex toys?)

Some cock rings are available with adjustability or various sizes for different scenarios. Cock cages are also a great addition during foreplay to limit the enlargement forehand to better rigidity in sex.

Sex doll

3. Sex doll

Back to the concept of masturbators, not every man is able to ejaculate only with intensive physical strokes, nor some enjoy the feeling of stroke without a human-like figure. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are made for the purpose while also fitting for those who are bored with only stroke actions.

Sex dolls in the market come in various sizes and features. Less space-required options include just the lower part or the tits part to add the sensation of holding during sex. Inflatable sex doll is also available for better space saving when not being used but require more preparation time in case of an emergent solution is needed.

More advanced dolls often come with the entire body for a holistic sex experience. Some will also offer vibration and twerking features. With the butt, the curves and tits, these are the absolute best solution for a fantasy pleasure time.

While you’re considering for a male sex toy, why not grab a present for your female partner as well? Also learn what kind of toys you can get for her as well.

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