Are Vibrators Your Only Option?

Are vibrators your only option

One day when your friend mentioned on sex toy, it is almost certain that a dildo is in your mind first. The image of stick-like sex toy is so overwhelming that it not only stereotypes sex toy with women, but also limits the variations of women sex toys.

The days have changed in sex toys for women. Other than traditional vibrators, there are unique options to enhance your sexual happiness. Before you buy sex toys online, here’s your guide to other women sex toys.

Technology-Enhanced Vibrators

While there are cheap vibrators, there are also premium vibrators. Designed and developed specifically, these vibrators are made to upscale the enjoyment you can get from vibrators. And, oh boy, you will love them.

With some common big names like The Rabbit Co., Womanizer, Lelo and We-Vibe, these vibrators are not embarrassing to see even if you had a surprise visit. More importantly, the vibrators are uniquely designed and tested to offer better enjoyment, while also enhanced by technology to provide customisable sensations including individualised vibration pattern.

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Clitoral Simulators

Enhancing your enjoyment with vibration, clitoral simulators are another traditional yet ungraded product in the sex toy industry. While designs were done with reference to anatomical position to benefit the sensation, the simulators are not penetrative in nature and are generally more welcomed, even to enhance couple sex.

While the implementation of technology is also present, some clitoral simulators come in more discreet form, like a bullet or an egg, while also being more portable for easier travel and pleasuring at a foreign place.

Advanced simulators can provide more excitement with differentiating forms and vibration patterns. Panty vibes, for example, can be a way to start you up on the drive home after a date night. Finger vibes and oral simulators can emulate the sensation of a partner even if he is not around or when you are still looking for the perfect him.

Kegel Balls

Also called as Ben Wa Balls or Duo Balls, these spherical toys help to tighten pelvic muscles to enhance sexual experience during sex with your partner. Place them into the vagina before sexual intercourse to ripen the said part and play with other couple sex toys to hype him up as well.

These have to be one of the most discreet sex toys. Because of the unusual shape, this range is rarely being associated with sex toys even if being inspected at. But it works wonders.

The night is not the same

Clitoral Pumps

As the clitoris being a huge part in sexual sensation, using clitoral pumps to increase the sensitivity of clitoris is greatly recommended. Whether you are preparing for a date night or before pleasuring yourself, clitoral pumps are still great additions.

The pumps suck on the clit to increase blood flow and enlarge the organ for better sensitivity. These pumps are simple to use but feels amazing after the first try. You can also plump up the entire labia with some pumps to further extend the pleasure as well.

Nipple Stimulators

The effect of stimulating the nipples during sex is often overlooked. Therefore, nipple stimulators ensure your pleasure from top to bottom. As these stimulators are not in direct contact with sexual features, they are less likely to be associated with sexual dissatisfaction to partner but to enhance the process of sex.

In forms of clamps, pumps and suction toys, nipple stimulators increase blood flow and sensitivity of nipples while being the easiest-to-use sex toy. Some of them come in discreet form like a nipple cover to hide under the bra and get you flourished sooner.


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