How To Get Your Partner Happier In Bed?

get your partner happier

Though saying so, the entire process does not start after getting naked. Reaching that stage is a great sign, but the beginning to overall satisfaction should start earlier, much earlier.

1.Start with confidence

Don’t just act like you are confident. Be confident. You are not inferior to anyone so you should not feel so. Show your masculine with your energy, conversation, behaviour and body language for her to feel like a woman.

Make your moves but not overpowering. Don’t try to insert a sex joke every other word. Even if she is your wife, that is sexually down turning. “Lady first” is not just a gentleman’s act, but a way to gain a positive impression.

2.The right amount of touch

Just like catching a long-range volley, getting the touch just right is essential. And when I mean touch, I mean real touch. Body contact releases Oxytocin to make anyone feel connected and trust.

Don’t just go and grasp her butt instantly. That’s harassment. But remember to continue your confidence and break the touch barrier at the right moment. Don’t just linger your finger (no punt intended) on her hand. Also don’t hesitate when she already shows obvious signal.

The timing to initiate a touch is varying but can be categorised to 7 major touchpoints. During a conversation, a game, an inquiry or a rewarding moment, trying to lead a direction, correcting her appearance are less noticeable ways. If you feel the mutual relationship is solid enough, a direct contact might be the way to go.

3.Let her know

In a mutual relationship, not only you need confidence, your partner needs it too. While not necessarily have to be explicit, you need to address her sexual appeal to you. The more she feels attracted to you, the more intense her sex desire to you will be. Some words are more effective than others, like “sexy woman” towards “pretty woman”.

The notion of being sexually attractive helps to turn your partner on, even if any physical communication has begun.

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4.Relax, both of you

Sex is a mutual process. No one deserves to enjoy more than the other. And the key to enjoy anything is to relax first. Don’t bring your tense daily life to your intimate time, and neither should she. By verbal cues, actions or anything you can think of, help both of you to relax.

This is why many are stressing on the atmosphere to have sex. Dimed lights and romantic music are hugely emphasized for most. But smells can be helpful as well sometimes. Scent candles or room sprays are some options that you can look for.

5.Be smart

Most people, when it comes to sex, are somehow reluctant to express themselves. Instead, they may show non-verbal cues that can be hugely beneficial to their satisfaction. Noticing the signs from your partner and reacting accordingly not only enhances the experience at the instance, but also provides a long-term improvement.

Such reasoning is a result of behavioural conditioning. As human resort to their Id enjoyment during sex, the bare minimal psychology of positive reinforcement is greatly valued and can hugely improve mutual enjoyment of the intimate process.
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6.Getting external aids

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when feeling bored with sex. In fact, it is really common among partners as most only relies on one to two positions. Keep altering positions can be a great first exploration to enhancing sex.

In addition, sex toys can be incorporated to the experience. To be fair, these adult exclusives are not uncommon currently and should not be afraid of. With adequate communication and mutual consent, the use of sex toys can be a great addition to the satisfaction without the feeling of supplementary enjoyment from vibrators, lingerie and so on.

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