Get The Right Masturbator For Your Ultimate Enjoyment

First thing first, do not consider sex toys a disruption to your normal couple enjoyment. In fact, a masturbator can be extra fun. But, how to choose one is another story that we are going to de-myth today.

One of the ideas that we want to stress is that there ain’t one perfect masturbator, or sex toy in general, just like any product in the world. There are varieties of masturbators offering varying pleasure enjoyments. Shifting among different masturbators can offer more happiness than you would expect.

The look

Masturbators are unique as to offer authentic pussy-like feeling and suction that sleeves and strokers cannot offer. These enclosed male sex toys can be nondescript like a flashlight to minimise any embarrassment while some can even replicate the texture of the vagina of porn stars. The visual appearance of the masturbator can be hugely influential to the pleasure level for some, especially with designs of a vaginal entrance or soft lips.

The material

As the actual touchpoint to your gentleman’s part, the feeling within the masturbator can be judgemental to your enjoyment. Major types of material include jelly-like, TPE or TPR and silicone that all offer stretch and softness that try to simulate the feeling of a vagina. While jelly-like materials are cheaper than other materials, some may find the texture unusual and come with weird smell.

TPE and TPR offers the same stretch as the jelly alternative with less complaints on odour. In spite of its better ability to simulate the feeling of vagina, these materials come with a heftier price. Getting even more expensive, silicone can best replicate the vaginal feeling with most porn star replicas using the said material. The less stretch of silicone as compared to the other two material might lead to a less perfect fit. Yet it is much easier to clean after use.

There is no golden rule in choosing the material as preferences vary among users. We highly recommend experimenting of different material before repeated purchase.

The size and length

Just like any part of our body, penis has different sizes, so does masturbators. An experimental approach is key. Too snug or too loose to your liking? Try a different one. If you prefer a full insertion, a longer masturbator might be better for you. Some masturbators also come with a tighter end for intensified pleasure. Trying among different masturbators until finding the right fit is your best partner.

One thing to note: The more initial stretch the material has, the more likely it will get loosen over time. If the masturbator is just a touch more tight to your liking, working it out (literally) might help.

Suction and cleaning

While open-ended or openable masturbators are easier to clean after use, generally they offer less suction and pressure without the trapped air. Closed-end masturbators are much better in the pleasure section but much harder in the hygiene sector.

More advanced toys sometimes come with variable suction with the opening and tightening of the end cap.


Vibrations and motorisation

Vibrating sex toys are not a female exclusive. Additional vibration in masturbators can greatly enhance the excitement level for some, while others disliked the feature. Some masturbators come with a removable vibrator also.

More exclusive masturbators could come with motorised options including suction, twerking and warmth for even better experience. As always, this is a personal liking that we cannot ensure. Try it out if you want to.

Some other points

Masturbators are not just a his toy. We have seen couples life being greatly benefitted with a masturbator. Some partners like a clear masturbator for them to see the “action”, while some will use a masturbator to pleasure the men’s part during inappropriate times like menstrual periods. Using a masturbator for foreplay can increase the excitement as well.

Like the aforementioned porn star masturbators, some of these toys come with unique features or even an adult DVD to enhance the overall experience. And these are all your own liking and preference.

Remember to use lubricant when enjoying with a masturbator and clean after use. Enjoy a better sex life with Sexy Devil.

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