How To Choose The Right Vibrators For You?


You would be surprised to know how many types of vibrators are in the market now. Normally for those thinking of vibrators, most will have the black or white wand type first come to mind. According to previous studies, the wand type is the classic, the Beethoven of vibrators, and is greatly loved by so many indeed. But, little did you know, recent researches have led to much more vibrator options for customers. And, now you can choose them based on your body and pleasure type. In this article, we have written a general guide for how to buy the most suitable vibrator for you.


1. How do you want to use it?

Before you place your pleasure orders online or in-store, for sure you will need to know why and in what ways you would use it. The immense range of vibrators in the market are not necessarily helpful for finding the perfect vibrator that suits your need. Whether using for yourself or for mutual enjoyment with your partner, the key functions of vibrators are mostly the same.

If you are new to vibrators, you can consider the first-time users’ range. The easy-to-use and small-to-medium size might be your best entrance to the whole new world.

Enjoy both indoor and outdoor sexual happiness? The bullet type and the easy-to-carry range are made for outdoor use, especially in travelling or long-time transportations. Rather than having a boring conversation or quiet time, you can have some mind-blowing fun.

Five Vibrators

2. Shape & Sensations

After some understanding to yourself, you would need to learn what kind of stimulations that you like. Vibrators are varied in shapes and sensations that everyone prefers differently.

How do you usually pleasure yourself?  Are you mostly targeting the clitoris and the G-spot? Or you know you are beyond the size already? The shapes of the vibrators are the first standard for if they fit or not. The G-spot types have curves on the tip and the rabbit types or dual-action vibrators can work for both internal and external parts.

Afterward, you should consider your sensation type. Do you like intense or gentle? There can also be sensations that spread around the vulva. This criterion is not easy to explain just from the descriptions. But if sensation is the critical feature for you, experimenting different options may worth a try.

hand with vibrators

3. Materials

Materials do matter on how long you can use the products and if it would be harmful to your body. For vibrators, they touch the inner part of your body, so it needs to be cleaned every time before and after use. Therefore, materials and its related prices are one key area for careful consideration. Silicone-made vibrators are well-known and widely-used. If budget is not a huge concern, medical-grade silicone is your best option.



4. What it looks like?

There were cases when customers bought the most powerful vibrators, but the unappealing and rather scary appearance turned them away. The appearance is obviously key in choosing the one for you. And we are not just talking about vibrators, are we? Those touches your beloved body should be appealing to your eyes first. If not, why bother?

Some functions may not be present on products that you appeal to. But if the vibrators cannot get you turned on and drown in the fun, what’s the point? Go with the look that you love, darling.

four vibrators


5. Check the reviews

If you are hesitating among several types and not sure which one to buy, do check their reviews on forums and social media. If the vibrators are really ineffective or useless, someone will be complaining online anyway.

When you read some 50/50 reviews, we would like to remind that everybody reacts differently. Some typical vibrators types maybe not for everyone, make decisions depending on your own case.

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